Friday, January 12, 2007

Elder Abuse: How to get help!

Do you suspect elder abuse? How to get help!

This holiday season, you may have visited elderly relatives and shared a time of laughter and fun. But amid the light conversation, there could have been some dark possibilities.
The National Center on Elder Abuse offers advice on signs of elder abuse. Some of the warning signs of elder abuse are easy to spot, such as bruises, black-and-blue marks and abrasions.
Other signs are less apparent. The center says 90 percent of all elder abuse is committed by relatives, so if your friend or loved one lives with a spouse or adult child, be on the lookout for tense relationships and constant arguments.
If you suspect a problem, ask the person if he or she is being abused. It puts you in an uncomfortable position, but you may be saving your loved one from a painful situation.
The National Center on Elder Abuse offers resources where you can get information and help. Go to :

or call 202-898-2586.

Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service

02:37 PM CST on Wednesday, January 3, 2007


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