Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fw: Elder Abuse CASE being ignored, rudely ignored.

Marguerita Ludwig
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Hi Dr. Laura Mosqueda,
I have been reading about the work you have been involved with regarding ELDER ABUSE.  We have actually corresponded a few times over the past 5+ years, beginning in approx. June, 2002.  I had contacted the Governor's office, Attorney General, etc., and I received an email from you I believe, regarding an ongoing urgent matter of Elder Abuse against my Aunt Theresa Capozzi.  Sadly, my aunt died on July 23, 2006, only 4 days after being subjected to severe neglect, emotional trauma, fiduciary fraud, and the caregiver (1/2 sister) has a gambling addiction that she swore under oath she doesn't have, in a deposition for Probate Court.  My frustration is not about the $100,000.00 I was disinherited of, for making a REPORT OF ELDER ABUSE TO THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT, and an APS report to the local Pasadena Office.  My probate attorney has no experience in ELDER ABUSE LAWS, per his statement, so I was given the medical and banking records under subpoena for DISCOVERY.  I have educated myself on the subject of Elder Abuse to a point that I feel confident being an advocate against elder abuse by educating people I talk to and my website user group and blogs on the subject.
I have contacted so many agencies, and so many people who are supposedly dedicated to making a difference, and I can't even get someone to look at the evidence because I keep getting the same pat answer, "it has to go through the police department or we can't do anything", and that answer is getting old.
How can our health care system cast aside something so obvious and not care about the consequences we CITIZENS are enduring by speaking up like we are asked to do, and then left standing there all alone looking like an idiot, and giving even more people the impression that no matter what, "ignore it, don't get involved-they will just turn on you because they are overworked????".  Overworked is when you are actually doing something and having results to show. 
My aunt who was more like a mother to me is gone, and she died at the hands of her manipulating 1/2 sister who felt her sister's property belonged to her, because she wanted it to be hers, and because she has numberous psychiatric illnessness according to a doctor's statement about the caregiver in my aunt's medical file.  Then there is the statement by my aunt going all the way back to the latter part of the 1990's, in her medical file, FROM ARCADIA METHODIST HOSPITAL, nurse was trying to calm patient and suggested social services.  Patient, Theresa Capozzi stated "no, I'm scared, if my sister knew I was even talking to you about anything right now, she'd KILL ME."
Other documented notations regarding Theresa Capozzi's HYGIENE (totally incontinent), and the fact that she had symptoms, multiple symptoms, as documented in ELDER ABUSE prevention/awareness material.
I have not even touched on all the pertinent facts, I am hoping that you will find it in your heart to speak with me regarding this death without dignity, and retiation and threats, because I stood up and told the truth, and promised my aunt I'd save her, and I didn't, because there is no one out there to help!!!
Marguerita Ludwig

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  1. I am surprised at Marguerita's comments. I know Marguerita and her family. Everything she said is a complete lie. She never saw her Aunt but once a year, and never helped with her care. Therea's sister did everything for her for over 10 years and took good care of her. For 4 years Marguerita tried to get Theresa to sign all the papers over to her but Theresa would not. When Theresa passed away at the age of 92 she was well taken care of and even though she had been bedridden for 4 years never had one bed sore on her.

    Also how can Marguerita be an advocate for Elderl abuse when she is committing mental Elderly abuse on her 74 year old mother. She is trying to get all her mother's assets. She should be ashamed of herself.