Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elder PEACE-Dedicated to Elder Abuse Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Collaboration


Dedicated to Elder Abuse Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Collaboration

The voices of elder abuse victims are often hushed by isolation, fear and shame. Our citizens’ action group, Elder PEACE, is channeling the voices of those who have been personally affected by elder abuse. Victims, their families and others are working together to advocate for legislation that increases the health and safety of vulnerable seniors.

Click links below to view ideas and factsheets for raising awareness in your community

Educating Your Legislators

Elder Abuse Professionals work hard to advocate for legislation, programs and services for elder abuse victims. However, unless legislators also hear from us, their constituents, they will not perceive these issues as being important. Once legislators hear the voices of their constituents raised in unison with those of the professionals in the field, they will listen. Now more than ever, the professionals need us to be partners in their advocacy efforts with the legislators.

We can successfully change government policies and funding through our grassroots advocacy efforts.

As a constituent, your opinion matters to your public representatives. Elder PEACE encourages you to contact your Senator and Representative’s office to let them know that elder abuse is important to you, and that as your representatives you expect them to take action to stop this growing crime.

Thank you to Lori Delagrammatikas, M.S.W., for your contributions to these webpages!

Guide to Preparing for Legislative Visits (MS Word doc)
Factsheet for Legislators (MS Word doc)
Factsheet – Elder Abuse in California (MS Word doc)

Things You Can Do in Your Community

Anyone can act to improve the safety of elders in their community and raise awareness about the problem of elder abuse. Here are some ideas.

10 Things Anyone Can Do (MS Word doc)
Community Factsheet - “Elder Abuse Prevention” (MS Word doc, 2 legal size pages)

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